MongoDB Developers Online Training

As part of our training offerings at Arborian, we’re pleased to announce an upcoming online class: MongoDB Developers Online Training. Read on for class details and pricing, and we’d love to see you there!

MongoDB Developers Online Training

This is an intermediate-level, 4-week class that introduces you to MongoDB. The
format consists of weekly sessions delivered in webcast format. (These
sessions will be available on video if you’re not able to make the live
webcast.) In between the lectures, you’ll have hands-on exercises to drive home
the concepts in the class. Additionally, I’ll have an open “office hour” the day
after each class where you can ask questions about the exercises.

The rough schedule we’ll be using is:

  • Week 1: MongoDB overview, introduction, and installation This module includes BSON,
    JSON, collections, documents, and deployment models. Installing MongoDB and PyMongo, using the
    mongo shell and IPython, basic document creation, modification, and queries.
  • Week 2: Queries, Updates, and Indexes This module elaborates on the MongoDB
    query language, complex atomic updates with MongoDB, creating indexes with
    MongoDB and evaluating them using the explain() method.
  • Week 3: MongoDB Aggregation This module includes simple aggregation using
    count, group, and distinct, batch aggregation using mapreduce, and
    ad-hoc reporting and aggregation using the MongoDB aggregation framework.
  • Week 4: Geospatial indexes and GridFS This module introduces geospatial
    indexing and querying in MongoDB and large object storage using MongoDB’s
    filesystem GridFS.

Each webcast session will begin with an explanation of the exercises from the previous
week, followed by an in-depth lecture on the week’s topics with plenty of
examples. I estimate each webcast will last about an hour.

Who is the class for?

If you’re interested in developing applications for MongoDB, this class is for you. We will be working the exercises using the Python programming language, so it’s best to at least be familiar with the concepts presented in the free Python tutorial. If you’re brand-new to MongoDB, or just want to “fill in the gaps”, the class is perfect for you to learn how to quickly become productive.

What do I get to take home?

As part of the class, you will receive access to a downloadable recording of all
the webcasts, all the slides and examples used in lectures, and a copy of my
ebook on MongoDB with Python and Ming.

So when is it, and how do I sign up?

At this point, I’m planning on starting the classes on September 17th, with webcasts
on Mondays and office hours on Thursdays. The price for the 4-week class is
$400. How do you sign up? Just click the “Buy Now” button below, and I’ll get in
touch with you via email. (If you don’t see a “Buy Now” button, just
click on the following link to sign up: Register for MongoDB for Developers.)

Of course, if you have any questions about the class, you can always contact me
at, or you can always use the comment form below. You
can also sign up for my training mailing list if you’re interested in getting
notified of future offerings.