MongoDB Online Class: MongoDB for Operational Intelligence

One of the services offered by Arborian Consulting is online MongoDB training
classes. In this post, I’ll describe what one of these training classes is like,
using our MongoDB for Operational Intelligence class as an example.

Class Structure

MongoDB for Operational Intelligence is a four-week class that consists of the
following components:

  • Weekly lectures (2 per week, approx. 30-45 mins each)
  • Weekly lab assignments (2 per week, one per lecture)
  • Weekly office hours (2 per week, 1 hour per week)

Below, I’ll summarize exactly what these components will look like:

Weekly lectures

These lectures will be delivered using webcasting software, and will allow for
some back-and-forth between the instructor and the students. The main purpose of
the lectures, however, is to deliver the detailed information needed to complete
the exercises, where we believe students will find the largest benefit. The
lecture schedule for MongoDB for Operational Intelligence, for instance, is the

  • Module 1: High-speed logging component
    • Lecture 1.1: Installation & intro to the class, schema design & basic
      operations for high-speed logging
    • Lecture 1.2: Queries, index design, and explain() for high-speed logging
    • Lecture 1.3: Computing ad-hoc aggregates using the MongoDB aggregation
    • Lecture 1.4: Design for data retention and sharding concerns
  • Module 2: Incremental aggregation
    • Lecture 2.1: Intro to MongoDB update modifiers and upserting
    • Lecture 2.2: Schema design at scale for incremental aggregation
  • Module 3: Hierarchical aggregation
    • Lecture 3.1: MapReduce introduction & MongoDB implementation and caveats
    • Lecture 3.2: Creating reusable mapreduce

Each of the lectures (except for the first one) starts with an explanation of the
lab exercise assigned at the conclusion of the previous lecture.

Lab assignments and office hours

The lab assignments are assigned at the conclusion of each exercise. The day
after each lecture, the instructor is available for questions online using the
same webcasting software. The intent of the office hours is to answer questions
about the exercises as well as providing more in-depth help to students who want
to immediately apply the lessons of the class to their particular business

Follow-up after the class

At the conclusion of the class, if students are still interested in continued
“office hours”-style consulting, this is offered as a follow-on coaching product
where you are guaranteed timely answers to email questions as well as having
access to weekly coaching office hours.

Ready to sign up, or just want more information?

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classes or need something more customized to your needs, we’d love
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