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Rick Copeland
Rick Copeland is the principal consultant and founder at Arborian Consulting, bringing twenty years of experience in software development to his clients. In the past, he has applied expertise in the Python programming language to projects including application development, embedded programming, and compiler development. Most recently, Rick worked as a Lead Software Engineer at Geeknet, where he helped to rewrite SourceForge development tools using Python alongside a popular NoSQL database, MongoDB. The end result of this project was Allura, an open-source platform for SourceForge development based on a document-oriented database model.

Masters of MongoDB In recognition of his involvement with MongoDB from “the early days” and his continued involvement in the MongoDB community, Rick was inducted into the “Masters of MongoDB” program as a charter member. As a MongoDB Master, Rick has had the opportunity to meet with the other Masters at summits organized by 10gen, the company behind MongoDB.

Prior to joining SourceForge, Rick spent several years as a Senior Software engineer at Predictix, building Python-based applications for apparel retailers, event management, and order processing. Rick has held engineering positions with Assurant Solutions, Proceler, Lucent/StarCore, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He earned a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a BS in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as a BS in Computer Science from Eckerd University.You can find Rick on Twitter at @rick446, or his blog at Just a Little Python.


Arborian Consulting offers MongoDB training sessions for developers or teams interested in learning to use the open-source database. We also offer MongoDB Consulting and Evaluation engagements for those needing a bit more customized help and suggestions for their deployment.

I’ve never met anybody who can go from learning a new technology to checking in working code faster than Rick.

– Mark Ramm

Custom Web Development

We use the latest Python, HTML5, and NoSQL technologies to develop web applications that meet your exact business needs. We have experience building real-time web chat applications, large scale open source project management frameworks, custom analytics dashboards, and more. Contact us to see how we can help you.

On-site training

Arborian offers on-site MongoDB training for individuals or teams. The two-day curriculum for developer training includes introductory topics (installation, documentation, and drivers) as well as more advanced concepts (replication, sharding), which also allows time for questions and use case-specific training. For more information, please see our Python and MongoDB Training page.



MongoDB + Python

MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database which supports highly scalable applications. When used with PyMongo, the driver for Python, MongoDB supports real-time analytics and asynchronous applications, among many others. Python, MongoDB, and PyMongo may also be used with additional tools such as Ming (an object-document mapper to enforce schemas on MongoDB) or minimongo, a lightweight PyMongo interface tool.

Backbone.js + Coffeescript

Backbone.js gives structure to web-based applications by creating models with custom events and key-value binding. Backbone uses models to represent data, making it much simpler to create JavaScript-based applications without complicated interactions between the UI, database server, and JavaScript logic. Coffeescript is a more straightforward model for JavaScript entry; it allows developers to enter information in a simplified shorthand which compiles easily into JavaScript.

Pyramid web framework

The Pyramid web framework, part of the Pylons Project, is an open-source tool which helps developers to build web-based applications more readily. The framework is particularly useful for simplifying tasks like templating and mapping URLs to code.

Flask web framework

Flask is a microframework for Python. Among other things, it offers support for secure cookies and RESTful request dispatching. Flask is based on Jinja2, a designer-friendly language for Python templating, and Werkzeug, a WSGI utility library.


Turbogears is a scalable web framework for database-driven web applications. It supports horizontal data storage (sharding) as well as the use of multiple databases, and features its own ORM (object-relational mapper). Master-slave replication and legacy databases are supported by the Turbogears framework, which helps developers to scale and simplify even for enterprise-level and industrial applications.

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Open Source Projects

An object-document mapper for applications using Python with MongoDB.
A Python and MongoDB implementation of the Chef API server.
An event-logging and aggregation system for real-time analytics built on Python and MongoDB.
The open-source project hosting platform originally developed and implemented at SourceForge.


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